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Disintegrating Sphere

Revolutionize with Graphene

Saving Water & Energy


Pioneering Water Filtration Innovation

Founded in 2022, Aavalor Greentech is a deeptech company revolutionising water filtration. Our founder, Aryan, a marine engineer by background, identified inefficiencies in existing technologies and developed a patent-pending solution to save billions of liters of water and reduce energy consumption in industrial wastewater filtration. Supported by top research institutions and multinational corporations, we are dedicated to transforming the industry.

Graduates of the Startupbootcamp Amsterdam Accelerator Program and winners of the Global Graphene Call competition, we have made significant strides. Now based in the Netherlands, we are developing our pre-industrial prototype at the Water Campus with support from our Dutch investors. We have MoUs with Alfa Laval Innovation House for further development and Lloyd's Register UK for product testing and certification.

At Aavalor Greentech, we aim to set the industry standard in water filtration technology. Contact us to learn more and join our journey.

Our Technology

Advanced Nanofiltration

The current challenge we are tackling is the inefficiency of Reverse Osmosis (RO) wastewater filtration in industrial applications. Globally, the RO-based wastewater industry is responsible for emitting 248 million tonnes of carbon, wasting 666 billion liters of water annually, and consuming 4% of global energy, resulting in billions of dollars in costs.


Aavalor Greentech is developing sustainable and effective graphene-based wastewater filtration membrane technology. Our solution aims to save both energy and water for wastewater companies, leading to a 40% reduction in carbon emissions and a 55% decrease in water usage. This translates to over $500 million in energy cost savings for these companies.

Our goal is to deliver a solution that is at least 30% more energy-efficient, 50% more water-efficient, and twice as durable compared to current market alternatives, leveraging our innovative patent-pending technology.

Core Team

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